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Volume 0 Extra Pactio Card Scans
Feferi, OT3, Sollux, Homestuck, Eridan
Kugimiya Madoka – Kakizaki Misa
The cheerleaders are wearing outfits with the Mahora logo on them.  Their power is to increase parameters when their specific individualities combine.  When Sakurako and the other two activate their abilities together, it seems like they will increase Negi’s strength. 
Akamatsu Ken’s Pactio Card Issue 1
These nine cards were created as extra materials for the movie, so there’s a possibility that when they appear in the books they’ll be different. [Note: I don’t know if he’s saying ‘when’ or ‘if’.  Please don’t ask.] As far as the detailed explanations of the powers go, I can’t say everything just yet, so for now, please just enjoy the illustrations and let your speculations run rampant.  The powers of the three members of the cheerleader club that Sakurako is in are to increase the parameters of their target when they cheer.  For instance, Sakurako has good luck, so if she cheered Negi on, his luck would increase and things like that.

Nodoka Miyazaki: I am a member of Ala Alba, the treasure hunter Miyazaki Nodoka.  My counterattack begins here.  [Volume 31, Period 280]

Splash: First release!  Akamatsu Ken-sensei writes it down!  Original Work - Coming Attractions

Now that the NegimaI movie is out, we got Akamatsu-sensei's hand-drawn illustrations for Provisional Contract cards that have yet to appear in the series.  These are very rare limited illustrations, released for the first time here in Volume 0!
*These cards have also been released in the "Classmates' Voices Series" special release CD from King Records.

[My god, Chao is hot.]
Chao Linshen:
Time-Controlling Pocketwatch, Casseiopeia.  Those laser weapons above her shoulders and the military-grade reinforced bodysuit she's wearing appear similar to the ones she used during Mahorafest.

Tatsumiya Mana: Electromagnetic Projectile Cannon.  'Sniper Tatsumiya''s Artifact is a big-ass gun!!  Is this the introduction of a weapon that could rival Chachamaru's in power?

Evangeline AK McDowell: That's right, boya.  This is the path that Nagi did not walk... the path none but you can walk.  Go - take the Gray Road. [Volume 34, Period 314].

Zazie Rainyday: Devil Pierrot.  Is her card the same as her older sister Poyo’s?  The probability that she has the same Artifact, the Magic Lantern Circus, is high.
Splash Text: Maybe there are cards here that won’t appear in the books, as well?!  These nine illustrations are precious!
Naba Chizuru: Ass-Piercing Negi Sword.  This is the super-powerful weapon (onion) that even Kotarou is afraid of!  If you get pierced by it, it heals all abnormal status effects…?!
Yotsuba Satsuki: Magic Frying Pan.  If we’re talking Satsuki, we’re talking cooking.  She restores the health and strength of her allies with delicious food… is what it makes me think of, because if she actually used that pan as a weapon, it would be very scary.
Ayaka Yukihiro: It is nothing important!  If Negi-sensei wishes it, I, Yukihiro Ayaka, shall do it with the greatest pleasure! [Volume 17, Period 151]

Aisaka Sayo: Poltergeist.  Since it’s an ability like psychokinesis, her battle ability is surprisingly high?!
Ookouchi Akira: Powerful Mermaid.  This is an illustration that well exhibits the characteristics of Akira, who is attached to the Swimming Club.  [Characteristics?  ‘Talent’, more like.]  The gauntlets she has equipped increase her power!
Akamatsu Ken’s Pactio Card Issue 2
As far as Akira goes, her power probably has something to do with swimming or one of her other activities.  I wanted to do a gag where Akira is like, ‘Well, I’m good at swimming, so it has to be something that’s powerful in the water!’, and then it’s a power-type… that sort of thing (laughs).  Chizuru’s Negi Sword was the thing where I was like ‘When you think of Chizuru!’ and drew it (laughs).  I’ll let you guys all speculate about how they work.
Natsumi: I’m okay… I’ll do it.  After all, I finally got my leading role. [Volume 34, Period 309]


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